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St. Petersburg Workshop IX

August 12 - August 27, 2020
Winter Palace Studio invites you to the sixth two week workshop in St. Petersburg, Russia. The workshop will include:

      ·        9 drawing/painting sessions under the tutelage of the Academy of Fine Arts Professors
·        Visits to the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, and other museums
·        Boat tour of the city
·        Visit to the Academy of Fine Arts (Repin Institute) museum
·        Visit to a ballet theater
·         Day trips to Petergof and Tzarskoe Selo (two of the summer palaces outside of St. Petersburg)


FULL WORKSHOP (according to the schedule) - $2,200 (down payment -$800)
TOUR ONLY (without classes) - $1,200 (down payment - $500)

The prices include:
Academy of Fine Arts tuition, model fees, tour guide fees, all museum and theater tickets,
transportation while in Russia, etc.
The prices do not include:
airfare, hotels,  food, art materials, visa expenses
To pay online please click here.

For information and registration, please contact us at:

Hotels: The Comfort Hotel we usually stay in is just three blocks from the Winter Palace (the Hermitage)  and offers very safe and comfortable accommodations. The starting price for a double room is about $120 a day. For more information please check their site: http://comfort-hotel.ru/reserve/?date=2016-08-19&nights=1&adults=1  You will need to request a Visa support Letter from your hotel at  http://comfort-hotel.ru/en/visaform

The Hermitage

Visas: To obtain a Russian visa you need a Letter of Invitation. The cost of the visa itself is $160 with a 6-20 business days waiting period. For more information, please visit: http://www.russianembassy.org/page/tourist-visa The Russian consulate is located at 2641 Tunlow Rd. NW Washington DC 20007. We will be happy to assist you in the process in any way possible.

Materials:  We can take oil paints and other materials (except solvents) on the plane. They have to be in a checked-in baggage. In case you overlooked something, there is an art supply store right in the AU building and other locations. Easels will be provided.

Money and Customs: We can take up to $3,000 cash without declaration.

We used unlocked iPhone 6S with a local SIM card. Purchasing a SIM card is relatively easy.

Email: wintrpalce@aol.com
Phone: 301 263 0000
Address: 1054 31st Street NW Washington DC 20007

Workshop Schedule

Day  Date Time Event
 Wednesday 8/12    Leave Washington DC
 Thursday  8/13    Arrive to St. Petersburg
 Dinner together
  Friday  8/14
 10:00am   The Hermitage Tour
 1:30pm  Lunch at the Hermitage cafeteria
 2:00pm  The Hermitage Tour
  Saturday  8/15
 10:00am  Lesson #1
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  Church on-the-Spilled-Blood
 10:00am  Lesson #2
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  Engeneer's Castle 
 Summer Garden
 10:00am  Lesson #3
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  St. Peter and Paul Fortress
 10:00am  Lesson #4
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  Theater
 10:00am  Lesson #5
 1:30pm Lunch
 2:00pm  Visit of a local artist 
 10:00am Day Trip to Peterhoff
 10:00am  Lesson #6
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  The Russian Museum
10:00am  Lesson #7
1:30pm   Lunch
2:00pm   Stroganoff Palace
10:00am   Lesson #8
1:30pm   Lunch
2:00pm   St. Isaac"s Cathedral
10:00am  Lesson #9
 1:30pm  Lunch 
 2:00pm  Boat Trip 
 10:00am  The Hermitage
 1:30pm  Lunch
 2:00pm  The Hermitage
  Day Trip To Catherine's Palace
   Leave St. Petersburg
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