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Skilled Interior Designers in Washington, DC

Winter Palace Interiors is a full range decorative painting and fine art firm. We do everything from simple wall treatments to designing complex spaces filled with highly realistic murals, decorative borders and faux finishes. Over the years we created literally hundreds of various faux finish samples including wood, marble and other materials. We have an extensive portfolio of completed projects inspired by French, Italian, and Russian designs.

After being in business for 20 years we have a great understanding of interior design concepts and decorative painting applications. But there is something that makes our company unique: it is the ability to execute a painting of any level of difficulty. There are no limitations to the artistic quality in our projects.

Winter Palace gallery is currently located in the middle of Georgetown, the beloved historic part of Washington.  The gallery shows paintings and drawings that can be described as “Contemporary Realism” by local and international artists.

Save Time, Money, and Sanity

Though working with an interior designer may seem like a luxury, it can actually be a very economical move. An interior designer like Winter Palace Studio can use industry knowledge and expertise to help you develop and maximize your budget. And by letting Winter Palace Studio handle the specifics of your interior design project, you’ll save yourself the time and aggravation of navigating the details on your own.

Best of all, an interior designer like Winter Palace Studio with an eye for aesthetics can suggest options for décor that you otherwise may not have considered—options that work to enhance your space in a manner that far exceeds your expectations. For more information or to schedule an on-site consultation, call Winter Palace Studio today.

See What Our Customers Say About Us

"Classical training epitomizes the work of Natasha Mokina and Victor Pakhomkin"
Barbara K., Home and Design Magazine.

"Natasha Mokina's amazing still lifes are witty and lovely; she is one of those rare people who can make a revival style seem completely contemporary and fresh."
– "The Baltimore Sun"

"These artists bring a long history of an art system deeply rooted in classical training and techniques.  These roots owe their birth to Peter the Great, who envisioned  a  Russian  Academy  of Fine Arts  early in the 18th century whose  aim  was to develop  a  distinct   Russian  identity   via  an  unique combination of classical European and native Russian influences." 
– Lennox C., Fraser Gallery.

Phone: 301 263 0000
1054 31st Street NW Washington DC 20007

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