W  I  N  T  E  R    P  A  L  A  C  E    S  T  U  D  I  O

classically trained artists

Natasha Mokina Paintings

"Soup Greens" oil on canvas 2010

"Mushroom Soup" oil on canvas 2010

"Black Chillie Peppers" oil on canvas 2010

"Blue Silk (Samurai)" oil on canvas 2010

"Still Life with Hyacinth" oil on canvas 2003 20 X 22 

"Natasha Mokina's amazing still lifes are witty and lovely; she is one of those rare people who can make a revival style seem completely contemporary and fresh." – "The Baltimore Sun"

Still Life with Celery Root" oil on canvas 2000 20 X 24


Still Life with Tea Rose" oil on canvas 2001 20 X 24


 Still Life with Hydrangea" oil on canvas 2002 20 X 24

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Phone: 301 263 0000
Address: 1054 31st Street NW Washington DC 20007







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